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Currently awaiting my departure back to the U.S., I write this testimonial on the couch in Elective Africa's house located in Arusha, Tanzania; the experiences I've had here are starting to hit me. I'll never forget them. I was stationed at Levolosi Health Center, and I got to see and do things I never would have been able to do back in the states. The clinical experience was something else, much different than the world of medicine I was used to before this. Along with the eye opening, worldly, clinical experience I had here in Arusha, Elective Africa offered great accommodations that topped all of the other programs around the area. From what I heard from other volunteers, it was above and beyond to have WiFi, a generator (for when the power for the city goes out, which is way more often than you’d think), hot showers, laundry done, transport to the hospital in the morning and afternoon, and especially our own rooms. The excursions were also something that Elective Africa made easy. I climbed Kilimanjaro while I was here, and I went on the 3-day Safari. Both of them were perfectly organized. Please contact me with questions about anything you wonder! Add me on Facebook, or Instagram (bergeon20), if you want to see my pictures from our excursions!

Dylan Bergeon , Michigan State University , East Lansing , Michigan , United States , July 18, 2015



Tanzania and Kenya are our popular destinations for most program participants. Arusha provides a wholesome experience for added adventure to the typical elective program. Mount Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti are all within driving distance to our hospital locations. While in Kenya, Mombasa, known for its popular tourist attractions and white sandy beaches closely rivals Malindi’s rich cultural heritage and history. Migori, situated in Western Kenya is ideal for those seeking a rural experience. It is also where you will learn more about President Obama’s Kenyan ancestry and culture.