Terms and Conditions

A. Responsibility

  1. You must be 18 years old or above to participate in the programs, except for high school volunteer groups
  2. Travel, medical and indemnity insurance is not included in the program cost. It is the responsibility of the student/volunteer to ensure that they have adequate coverage for the duration of their program
  3. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to ensure that s/he is in good health and fit to travel and undertake the duties expected of them in their program
  4. Elective Africa is not responsible for loss of property, personal injury, illness, accident, delay or expense sustained by the volunteer while participating in our programs
  5. Elective Africa and its agents are not responsible for any financial obligations or liabilities the participant may incur including damages to property, or injury to others while participating on this program
  6. Elective Africa is not responsible for the cost of extra activities (sightseeing, expeditions etc.) incurred during the course of your stay
  7. Participants must acknowledge that possession of illegal substances is a grave violation of Elective Africa policy, and if discovered will result in the immediate cancellation of your program
  8. Participants are cautioned that the possession of drugs is often dealt with severe punishment by host country law enforcement


B. Payment (i) - What your fee will cover


  1. Individualized structured and supervised elective or shadowing placement
  2. Detailed pre-departure support and local in-country support network
  3. Hospital Fees
  4. Airport pick up* 
  5. Orientation of local area and Swahili classes
  6. Clean and Safe accommodation, with housekeeper and meals

*(airport pick up only within the location. For airports outside of the location, a supplementary fee will apply) 

Business Treks

  1. Prior appointment company visits bookings and working with companies and key executives of companies of interest.
  2. Daily tranport to corporate offices for the industry immersion (3-5 meetings per day)
  3. Accommodation and lunch
  4. Airport pick up & drop off

Optional add on: Safari /Mount Kilimanjaro climb

Gap Year Volunteer 

  1. Project Work as an individual
  2. Extensive pre-departure support
  3. Airport pick up & drop off
  4. Orientation of local area including basic Swahili lessons
  5. Shared accommodation
  6. 24 Hours On Ground Support

Summer School Teams

  1. Project Work as a group
  2. Extensive pre-departure support
  3. Airport pick up & drop off
  4. Orientation of local area including basic Swahili lessons
  5. Shared accommodation
  6. 24 Hours On Ground Support

What your fees do not cover

1. Cost of travel and Insurance while on placement

2. Cost of Visa $ flight charges

B. Payments (ii)

  1. Once your application has been accepted, a reservation deposit is due immediately in order to find placement. Once paid, the reservation deposit is non refundable, but will be applied to the student's program fee should they attend in future up to one year from the initial start date, including the program fee.
  2. The Program fee must be paid 90 days before the desired start date. Any change of payment plan and dates must be communicated to us in writing & approved by the accounting team.For programs that are split between two or more countries, the program fee is due 4 months prior to your start date given more involved advanced preparations.
  3. Failure to pay the program fee at the agreed dates will lead to an automatic cancellation of the placement and the Reservation Deposit shall NOT be refunded. 
  4. Amendments to your payment dates are entirely at the discretion of Elective Africa Accounting team.
  5. Once the application is accepted and reservation deposit duly paid, the program fee cost is guaranteed and will not change so long as the proposed start date, including postponment by a participant is within one year of the date of application.
  6. Program fee prices on the website are subject to change without warning. Whenever such changes occur, we will notify the participant of the increments.
  7. All prices inluding for any optional activities such as excursions or safaris are subject to change without notice. Whenever such changes occur, we will notify the participant of the increments.
  8. All fees are payable in US Dollars
  9. Participants agree that no part of the program fee is refundable once the program has commenced. This means that no refunds are issued should students spend less time on their program because of illness or personal travel or any other reason whatsoever
  10. Any refunds for whatever reason will be sent out within 14 days of the refund decision date


C. Changes and Cancellations by Participants

  1. Elective Africa must be notified of desired changes or cancellations through this address – operations@electiveafrica.com. Our staff will provide advice on contemplated changes and cancellations. This is the only binding way to secure a change to your contract with Elective Africa.
  2. We usually charge a change fee of US $ 50, plus any additional costs that we may incur to effect the change. Where these costs exceed US $ 75, we will give you full details of expected charges prior to effecting the change.
  3. Once you have made your reservation deposit, you need to provide us with all the requisite documents within the deadline provided, that is no later than 2 months prior to your program start date. Failure to do so will necessitate expedited processing, which will incur an additional fee of $25.
  4. Participants are advised that a significant part of the fees are spent in advance of their program start date in order to prepare for their arrival for the program. Consequently, Elective Africa is not in a position to offer a full refund should participants choose to cancel their travel for any reason. We will refund part of the fee depending on when your written notice of cancellation is received:
    1. Written notice received after making the reservation deposit but more than 60 days from the program start date will incur forfeiture of the reservation deposit
    2. Written notice received 30 to 60 days before your program start date will incur a 50% total program fee
    3. There will be no refund for cancellation notice received less than 30 days before your program start date
    4. Once a participant commences their program, there will be no refund for any reason whatsoever
    5. If you have already changed your dates, the cancellation penalties will apply based on the original program start date. Exceptions are entirely at Elective Africa's own discretion and will be communicated in writing.
  5. Elective Africa is under no obligation to make any changes or amendments once your program has started. Should you choose to depart prior to your scheduled finish date, there will be no refunds whatsoever.
  6. Due to advance preparations cancellations for all other optional programs / reservations, for example Safaris, will not be fully refundable but will incur a 25% cancellation fee to cover our administrative charges.

D. Changes or Cancellations initiated by Elective Africa

  1. In very rare occasions, program details such as change of placement hospital or accommodation may differ from the original information shared with you. In such a case, we will do everything possible to deliver a program as good as what was contracted.
  2.  In the event that a participant is signed up for the program to a location that has no other participant signed up to 2 months to their start date. Elective Africa will in writing notify the participant of the change of location to where there are other participants.
    1. The participant will in writing notify Elective Africa of Acceptance or Rejection of this Change. 
    2. In case of acceptance, Elective Africa shall organize for the change of location to a hospital with a similar opportunity for experience. Elective Africa will not be liable for any costs that may arise as a result of this change including but not limited to flights 
    3. In the case of Rejection of such change, the client shall inform Elective Africa of the decision within 15 days of receiving the information. Elective Africa will organize for the refund of the full program fee paid. 
    4. Should one want to continue with the placement in the same location alone, they will incur a total of 50% of the program fee paid as an extra cost. 
  3. In the very rare occasion that we need to cancel a program, we will inform you at least 45 days before your program start date and refund you fully within 30 days of informing you. We will not have any further liability beyond the full refund of program fees we received.
  4. However, where a cancellation is necessitated by circumstances beyond our control such as natural disasters, extreme political instability, security threats, terrorist activities etc., you will be notified as soon as it’s reasonably possible since the occurrence of the event. 
    1. If these events persist, we will work with you to organize a similar program in a different location, or country. This will involve additional costs to you such as: change of ticket to a new location, program fees difference.
    2. You may also opt to change your program dates for the same location to a further date at no extra program cost to you.
  5. In the event of sector specific variables such as a strike in the public health facilities we will do our best to deliver a program as good as what was contracted in a private hospital within the same location. Any extra costs arising out of this change, such as transport or increase in hospital fees will be taken care by you. 
    1. Note that you will be obligated to stay in that hospital for the entire period of your placement but should you want to make additional changes you will again cater for any extra costs arising from the change. 
    2. If the situation warrants a change in location or if you choose to make the change we will facilitate for a placement in another location. You will however cater for your transport costs, additional hospital fees and regulatory fee required for your placement in that location.
  6. Elective Africa provides a number of non-medical program activities such as safaris, mountain climbing and excursions as a courtesy service to its program participants. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel these add-ons at any time with a full refund to program participants net of PayPal or bank charges. We rely on several vendors and suppliers to deliver these activities. Should prices change, we will inform you as soon as we receive the information. 

E. General Rules

  1. Follow the rules, advice and policies set by the local Project Coordinator.
  2. Travel with an open mind; be respectful to the culture and customs of the country you are volunteering in. This means practicing patience and understanding even when you do not agree with certain issues.
  3. Understand that though responsible alcohol consumption is permitted gross misbehavior will result in the termination of your program. This includes being inebriated to the point of losing control, harming others or damaging property. You must not consume alcohol at your project or volunteer site or while en route to these places. This is cause for immediate expulsion from the program.
  4. Treat all people with respect and dignity, especially the elders of the community.
  5. Dress properly with regard to the local culture, as well as weather conditions. Realize what is socially acceptable in western countries, can be considered offensive in others.
  6. Avoid all political demonstrations and activities. Remember you are guests in the host country and subject to local laws and punishment.
  7. Acknowledge the program and accommodations provided are customized for you and not changeable in country without approval and consent of Elective Africa.
  8. Advise the Project Coordinators of weekend travel plans.
  9. Respect the policies of the community and the rules in which you are staying.
  10. Seek permission before inviting guests to the residence.
  11. Overnight guests are not allowed in the Elective Africa residence.
  12. Respect the accommodation; you will be liable for any damage you may cause.
  13. Keep your room clean and neat. 
  14. No smoking inside your accommodation.

F. Termination Of Program


  1. Elective Africa reserves the right to terminate the program of any student/volunteer who
    1. Violates any of these Terms and Conditions;
    2. Is found to have supplied false information during their application;
    3. Refuses to fulfill their obligations in the program; or whose
    4. Behaves or acts in a manner considered to be gross misconduct by Elective Africa.
  2. If a program is terminated, the volunteer is no longer under the care of Elective Africa and is responsible for his/her own passage back home. Elective Africa will not be liable to offer assistance, financial or otherwise.
  3. Volunteers who choose to terminate their program for whatever reason, at any point during their volunteer work, will no longer be under the care of Elective Africa and are responsible for their own passage back home. No refunds will be given and Elective Africa will not be liable to offer assistance, financial or otherwise.

G. Release and Acceptance

By accepting to participate in any of our programs, volunteers agree that they have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions and further indemnify Elective Africa from and against all loss, damage and liability which may be suffered or incurred as a result of his/her act, neglect or default while participating in any of the programs.

H. Program Participation

1. Choosing the Right Time for Your Program

1.1 Program Enrollment Periods

Elective Africa recommends planning your program during our peak group enrollment periods, which typically occur from mid-December to March and from June to August. During these times, you have a higher likelihood of being placed in a group, which can provide a more enriching experience.

1.2 Low Travel Periods

If you choose to book your program during a low travel period, outside the recommended dates mentioned in section 1.1, there is a greater likelihood of a solo placement or being placed with fewer students. We encourage participants to consider the recommended times for a more group-oriented experience.

1.3 Solo Placements

Solo placements may occur when there are fewer students enrolling for a specific date. Elective Africa aims to create group placements, but the availability of fellow participants can vary throughout the year. Elective Africa will inform participants whether their placement is solo or in a group three months before the program start date and provide an opportunity to change program start and end dates to join a group without additional charges.

1.4 Changes to Program Start Dates

Elective Africa reserves the right to change program start dates under circumstances beyond EA's control. Such circumstances may include but are not limited to, notice by a body of medical professionals regarding an impending strike.

1.5 Specific Travel Dates for Group Placements

While Elective Africa cannot guarantee specific group placements on any given date, participants can indicate their preferred travel dates. Elective Africa will make efforts to accommodate such requests, especially during peak enrollment seasons.

1.6 Increasing the Chances of Group Placement

To increase the likelihood of being placed in a group, participants should consider aligning their program with the recommended travel periods. Encouraging friends or fellow students to join the program can also enhance the chances of group placement.

2. Changing Program Travel Dates

2.1 Request for Changes

Participants may request changes to their travel dates, subject to availability. Participants are advised to contact Elective Africa's support team to discuss their options.

2.2 Change Fee

Elective Africa typically charges a change fee of US $50, in addition to any other costs incurred to effect the change. If the additional costs exceed US $75, participants will be provided with a full breakdown of the expected charges before any changes are made.

3. Solo Placements and Special Requests

3.1 Solo Placement or Placement with Specific Individual

Participants desiring a solo placement or wishing to be placed with a specific individual should inform Elective Africa during the booking process. A supplementary fee of at least $800 is applicable for such requests.

4. Participant Communication

Before the Program Starts Elective Africa facilitates communication among participants who will be on the same program. This allows participants to connect with fellow participants at least one month before the program starts. Elective Africa will initiate contact through email, after which participants can exchange WhatsApp contacts for easier communication.

5. Safety Measures

During Solo Placements Elective Africa places a high priority on participant safety during solo placements. Our local teams are well-prepared to support and assist participants throughout their programs. We provide comprehensive pre-departure information and offer 24/7 emergency support.

6. Booking a Program

Booking a program with Elective Africa is a straightforward process. Participants can visit our website at https://www.electiveafrica.com/apply/ and follow the step-by-step booking process. For any questions or assistance, our support team is available to help.

By participating in an Elective Africa program, participants agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Elective Africa reserves the right to make updates or changes to these terms as necessary, with notification to participants where applicable.