An Eye-opening Experience!

Overall my experience with Elective Africa was excellent. Throughout my stay, the staff was very friendly and accommodating. The residence was comfortable and the meals were good. Speaking with the other residents and learning about the pros and cons of certain departments allowed me to choose where I worked in the hospital with confidence. 

The experience in the hospital was eye-opening: the lack of resources at the Coast General relative to most hospitals in the U.S led to unique challenges requiring deliberate solutions. The doctors were able to point out differences between care at Coast General and hospitals in the U.S. when asked. In particular, Dr, Mariah in Internal Medicine focused on discrepancies between the two for my benefit, even while rounding with medical students from Kenya.

Outside the hospital I thoroughly enjoyed Kenya. I went on a safari at Maasai Mara and the trip was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I had a great time exploring Mombasa with the other residents. Walking on the beach, snorkeling off the coast, and shopping at the mall. Visiting the school was a beneficial addition to the program; it was fun to interact with the children who exuded boundless joy, I am very satisfied with my trip to Mombasa through Elective Africa. 

Matthew Eitzman

University of Michigan