I Have Seen Some Very Rare Conditions at the Hospital

As a future healthcare professional, I believe it is necessary to develop cultural competency skills that in most cases can only be developed by going out of your comfort zone, This is why I chose to come to Kenya to learn about the culture, the language, and the traditions.

This experience has given me so much to reflect on. I have seen some very rare conditions at the hospital that I wouldn't have been able to see in the US, which was an incredible and eye-opening experience. 

The physician at the Coast General went out of their way to explain, answer questions and make sure we understood what we are learning. I also had a fantastic time exploring the city and learning about the day-to-day lives of the local community. 

Overall, this has been a remarkable experience that I have learned so much from and I would recommend it to anyone on the healthcare pathway.

Tarini Talagadadeevi

University of Cincinnati