Migori, Kenya

Get to Migori, Kenya

The western region of Kenya which is the home to our Migori destination is a home of vibrant culture that blends diverse ethnic groups like the Luo, Luhya, Kisii and the Kuria.

The natural beauty of the lake, the vast agricultural plantations, the panoramic landscapes as well as the historical and cultural aspects are what awaits you.

With the up rise of new lodges and resorts and our own camp Migori, this destination will enable you have fun, immerse in cultures and make a difference in the local community. Western Kenya is a blue ocean destination, still virgin and original which makes it affordable, viable and explorative.

Your gateway to the hidden treasures of Kenya's western circuit, Migori is our preferred destination for the adventurous and meaningful career changing gap year volunteer and summer school teams expeditions.

Gain invaluable experience and insights through hospital rotations and community health work, empower and promote the wellbeing of children through teaching, mentorship and school development projects and make a difference in environmental conservation.

  1. Home to the largest freshwater lake in Africa, Lake Victoria, whose basin provides beaches to give a tropical or coastal ambiance
  2. A county of vibrant culture that blends diverse ethnic groups
  3. Unwavering natural beauty; Macalder mines and forests
  4. Located 180Kms from Kisumu International Airport and 22Kms North of Tanzania
  5. Home to Thim Lich Ohinga – a world historic site

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In the words of our participants
Reassurance into a Medical Career

My time here in Migori,Kenya with Elective Africa program has been the greatest experience of my life.I have been on the fence for quite sometime about whether or not I wanted to pursue a career in Medicine but wasn't sure where I would get the inspiration that I needed…David was such a great Program Coordinator. Our experience wouldn't have been near what it was without his expertise and connections.I always felt very safe,comfortable and entertained.Thanks for exposing us too to the community health aspect.

Renee Bartlett
Memorial University
Rural Healthcare in Rustic Migori

The staff of EA were so helpful in providing all of the necessary information for the trip, and went above and beyond my expectations when answering my questions. As our departure date neared, I became more confident and comfortable which wouldn't have been possible without their support. Our arrival was smooth and timely... On an educational level, I couldn't have asked for a better experience…The rural setting gave us the opportunity to connect and feel comfortable with the members of the community and of our surroundings…We got to volunteer locally and focus on community outreach-something that is very important to me. We also did fun activities on the weekends, like taking small trips to Lake Victoria and Homa Bay.

Emily Courage
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Beyond my Imagination

My experience with Elective Africa was beyond what I could ever have imagined. My nerves before arrival subsided the minute I was greeted at the airport by an EA staff. I had so much hands on experience in the rural hospital of Migori,Kenya and got an opportunity to to do things I would never have the chance to do in Australia. This is by far one of the best things I have done fro my Nursing career and would recommend this to any health professional willing to take the next step. I was always made to feel safe at home here in Kenya. David was such an amazing Coordinator and Daisy made all the nice food for me.. Its truly a life changing experience!

Alex Dawe
St.George Hospital
Forever Thankful for this Experience

From the moment I arrived off the plane, I felt most importantly safe and supported especially as a young female travelling alone. The bus to Migori was comfortable and safe and I was met by Elective Africa representatives at the other side who went out of their way to host me, oriented me not only to the hospital but the whole town. The accommodation was more than perfect and comfortable. And my balcony over looking beautiful hills and houses was the perfect way to sit and relax and reflect after a tough day at the hospital.  Martha who helped me in the house was honestly just incredible. She cooked for me, cleaned, washed my clothes. She was like a super mum for me whilst here. Salome and Violet from EA not only supported me with the hospital but also went out of their way to immerse me in the local culture, with weekend outings as well as visiting a local orphanage which was a highlight for me. 

And as for my placement in the hospital, I don’t think anything could have prepared me for what I would experience. It was a rollarcoaster of emotions, both good and hard, but it was truly life changing and something I will hold close to me forever. All the doctors and nurses went out of their way to ensure I was a part of the team and got me doing procedures I would never be able to do back home. I will forever be thankful for this experience, and I believe it has made me a stronger nurse. I will definitely be back. Migori County has stolen my heart!!!!


Amy Ward
Charles Darwin University

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