Pre-Nursing and Pre-Midwifery Internships

Pre-Nursing and Pre-Midwifery Internships

Are you a pre-nursing student or an aspiring nursing professional seeking to enhance your clinical skills through shadowing nurses and midwives abroad? Our pre-nursing internships abroad give you an opportunity to work in hospitals in Africa while receiving mentorship from experienced nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers.

The pre-nursing volunteer abroad gives you real-life exposure to what a nursing career entails before embarking on years of study. 

Nurses in Africa have more caregiver time than other healthcare professionals, this will give you an all-around experience and a chance to see how they deliver healthcare services to large populations despite inadequate resources.

Participants get to see the impact of poverty, socio-cultural traditions, and limited resources on health care delivery. These collective experiences will give you valuable clinical experience abroad, insight into global health, expand your professional network, improve your soft skills, and strengthen your nursing school application.

Our pre-nurse-midwifery internships also give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture through our community outreach programs that include: Volunteering to the local orphanages and children's homes, community health education programs, hygiene clinics et cetera.

You will also have the chance to travel, unwind, and explore your destinations through customized excursions, safaris, or mountaineering. You will have a chance to experience the food, arts, sports, and music culture of the native country. (Take a look at this Youtube video to see if it is worth the trip.)

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Program Mentorship

Our pre-nursing and pre-midwifery internship provide a minimum of 25 hours a week in a working hospital environment. 

You will be assigned to a registered nurse and midwife as your mentor. They will share with you their medical insight and help you meet your rotation objectives. 

We also have interactive global health tutorials that take place weekly at students' residences. Within these sessions, you will learn from qualified nurses how they manage to deliver healthcare services despite inadequate resources and how the health systems differ from your home health system. 

To get the most out of the experience, always keep a journal,  ask many questions, and hear more about their experiences.


What are Participants Allowed to do in the Hospital?

Elective Africa’s healthcare internships abroad follow AAMC’s Guidelines for pre-nursing and pre-midwifery students providing patient care during clinical experiences abroad.

Participants in our programs rotate in different hospital departments depending on their medical interests. The specialties available include pediatrics, midwifery, gynecology, orthopedics, emergency medicine, nutrition, public health, radiology, and HIV/AIDS support.

In the maternity wards and labor wards, you will get to see the normal deliveries, the prenatal and postnatal units, the newborn unit, and the maternity theatre.


Why Undertake a Pre Midwifery Internship/ Pre Nursing Volunteer Abroad

Participating in midwifery/ nursing internships abroad gives you a competitive advantage over your peers. The program exposes you to the realities of health care delivery in the developing world.

A pre-nursing volunteer program abroad will give you a chance to:

  • Develop a global mindset and appreciation of cultural diversity.
  • Volunteer and make an impact as you pursue a greater understanding of where your professional passions lie.
  • Enhance your personal/professional development and soft skills i.e. communication skills, teamwork, emotional stability, empathy, physical endurance, and problem-solving skills.
  • Boost your confidence as a result of meeting patients and working in a team.
  • Create lasting memories and shared learning experiences with fellow participants in international volunteer programs.
  • Strengthen your resume and give you discussion points during interviews.
  • A chance to travel and unwind.


Program Locations

Elective Africa’s hospital internship placement programs are in Kenya and Tanzania; healthcare facilities in these regions are often under-resourced and understaffed. This presents various challenges to health professionals and their patients, giving you a comprehensive understanding of global diversity and nuanced challenges.

Learning opportunities in such environments are eye-opening and bestow compassion, empathy, appreciation of cultural diversity, professionalism, and personal development. 


Program Duration

The program durations range from 2 to 12 weeks.

Participants who spend more time on their programs have the scope to become better integrated over time, gaining increased insight into culture and understanding of international healthcare. 


Do you Want to Come With a Group of Friends?

You may opt to travel alone and join a group of participants or travel as a group and make memories together.

You may have the opportunity to get a group discount if you tag along with your friend(s) or classmate(s). For more information on groups, contact our placements advisors at or inquire here!


What Is Included in the Pre Nursing/Midwifery Internship Program Abroad 

Our pre-nursing/ midwife shadowing program applicants pick the desired destinations and departments they want to rotate through. We guarantee your department choices well in advance of your trip.

We provide you with detailed pre-departure information such that you can plan your nursing experience abroad down to the finest detail.


The Program includes:

  • A comprehensive pre-departure guide.
  • Shadowing nurses, midwives, and healthcare providers.
  • Airport transfers as per different location guidelines.
  • Designated mentors and support from local staff.
  • Gated, safe and comfortable houses complete with in-house catering, Wi-Fi access, and support staff.
  • Biweekly global health tutorials.
  • Two-way transport to your clinical site.
  • Basic Swahili lessons twice a week.
  • Certificate of participation on program completion.
  • Volunteer activities as per schedule by local staff.
  • A chance to explore and travel: safaris, excursions, and mountaineering as optional add-on activities.


For more information, download a free brochure of our pre-midwifery/ pre-nursing internships abroad in 2023 summer 2024.


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My Placement Custom-made

Elective Africa is a highly educative program for all medical students. If you have special interests in fields like Obsterics/gyn, general surgery and tropical medicine this is a very good program. The experience I had in Mombasa has been memorable and I highly recommend Elective Africa to everyone who are considering applying.

Ida W. Bjorntvedt

The Experience
The Experience
Key Aspects

Key aspects of Pre-Nursing and Pre-Midwifery Internships

Your placement customized

Your placement is customized to suit both your specific individual interests and school requirements. This may include your desire to shadow in preferred hospital departments, choice of shadowing supervision or more shadowing hours.

Proficient supervision and Mentoring

You will shadow nursing and midwifery personnel who will mentor you the health facilities of placement to ensure that your shadowing experience is rewarding and ultimately jumpstarts your career.

Differentiated Healthcare System

Shadowing in a system with tropical diseases and phased out infections where the resources; both human capital and infrastructure are limited, is a clear revelation to you on the awaiting experience.

Split Placement

We pride ourselves in being one of the few organizations that offer split shadowing placements. You can placed in two different hospitals for shadowing in the same location, within two different cities or countries to enhance your premed shadowing experience experience!

Interactive Global Health Tutorials

Healthcare is more than just treatment of conditions. It stretches to cover the economic, political and social factors. Our tutorials are offered by experts in global health among them public health experts and epidemiology specialists who address various topics of interest to health globally. The tutorials ensure that you have a broad understanding of healthcare from the global view.


Book your Placement

Book your spot today by paying a reservation deposit of $350. This is a one-off fee that allows us to plan for your mentorship, prepare for accommodation, and create your MyElective account and facilitating pre-departure support.


Or call us at +1 (609) 375 8912 to learn more.

Destination Focus

Unique healthcare systems, beautiful sceneries, enriched culture and towns that are in developmental stage are what describes our destinations! Choose our exciting locations in Kenya; coastal locations of Mombasa or Malindi, the urban setting in Nairobi; the capital city of Kenya or a rural setting in Migori. In Tanzania we have placements in Moshi and Arusha.

Mombasa, Kenya

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Malindi, Kenya

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Migori, Kenya

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Nairobi, Kenya

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Kisumu, Kenya

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Arusha, Tanzania

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Moshi, Tanzania

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