New Doctor and Resident Electives

New Doctor and Resident Electives

Are you a recent medical school graduate or a junior doctor in your residency period?  Are you looking for an opportunity to undertake a medical mission trip to Africa or to conduct a clinical research on your desired area of specialty?


After years of medical school and clinical studies, the residence period gives you a real opportunity to build on your skills and enhance your competence as a doctor. In your junior doctor years participation in the international medical volunteer or medical mission trip will help you build  your skills and perfect your ability to deliver medical care more completely. With this elective abroad experience delivered under the supervision and mentorship, we are not only confident that you will be satisfied with your engagement into extensive hands on medical  procedures but it will also raise in you greater questions about global health equity. You will be integrated into the local healthcare  team and aid in all aspects of patient care and operative intervention.


Elective Africa electives for qualified doctors is specially tailored to ensure that you achieve your objectives broadly and further enhance your skills. The specialties available for rotation include; Surgery, Internal medicine, Accidents and Emergency, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics and Child health, Psychiatry, ENT and pathology among others.


With our new doctor and resident electives in Africa, we endeavour to provide you an all round rewarding experience from a great clinical experience to great culture immersion experiences abroad

A Differentiated Healthcare Experience

This was a great experience and I would repeat it. I wish that I had more time to spend here. I was at Mt. Meru Hospital, Arusha Tanzania for three weeks in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit and learnt a lot from the medical staff that I worked with. The hospital conditions are a bit different from what I am used to but the staff did the best that they could with what they had.

Damilola Olupona , Nova Southeastern University

The Experience
The Experience
Key Aspects

Key aspects of New Doctor and Resident Electives

Customized Placement

Your placement is customized to suit both your specific individual interests and school requirements. This may include your desire to rotate in preferred hospital departments, choice of supervision or more clinical hours.

Supervision and Mentorship

You will work hand in hand with qualified doctors at the health facilities of placement to ensure that you experience real life, practical and supervised rotations in a unique and unmatched healthcare setting.

Differenciated Healthcare System

Interacting with tropical diseases and phased out infections while utilizing limited resources; both human capital and infrastructure is a life-changing opportunity for your professional growth.

Split Placement

We pride ourselves in being one of the few organizations that offer split placements. You can have the placement in two different hospitals in the same location, within two different cities or countries to enhance your experience!

Interactive Global Health Tutorials

An opportunity to learn and share on different health care perspectives with other students and local professionals is always rewarding. We organize interactive sessions that provide you with the opportunity to discuss and ask pertinent questions regarding the healthcare system in your placement location as well as share on the distinguishing healthcare characteristics unique to your home country and other places across the globe.


Book your Placement

Book your spot today by paying a reservation deposit of $350. This is a one-off fee that allows us to plan for your mentorship, prepare for accommodation, and create your MyElective account and facilitating pre-departure support.


Or call us at +1 (609) 375 8912 to learn more.

Destination Focus

Unique healthcare systems, beautiful sceneries, enriched culture and towns that are in developmental stage are what describes our destinations! Choose our exciting locations in Kenya; coastal locations of Mombasa or Malindi, the urban setting in Nairobi; the capital city of Kenya or a rural setting in Migori. In Tanzania we have placements in Moshi and Arusha.

Mombasa, Kenya

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Malindi, Kenya

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Migori, Kenya

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Nairobi, Kenya

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Kisumu, Kenya

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Arusha, Tanzania

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Moshi, Tanzania

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